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Outside Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Los Angeles home, a Grim Reaper signals guests to beware, but as the door opens, Teigen is cheerfully waving a severed hand and welcoming with a “Happy Halloween!” Inside, it’s not a house of horrors but the couple’s festive pad—a spacious family home in L.A. with major Hollywood pedigree. (Rihanna was apparently a previous tenant.)

In her 73 Questions, Teigen quickly identifies Legend (currently on tour) as “the one thing missing in her life.” At least she has his Grammys and an Oscar to keep her company and, of course, her daughter, Luna, and mother, Vilailuck.

Motherhood is never far from Teigen’s mind. (She’s even clad in mom jeans, albeit cinched with a Gucci belt.) Throughout the interview, she showcases adorable baby photos and admits she’s been sleeping just a little less since her daughter was born. Teigen credits her daughter with inspiring her to speak the truth. What did it feel like being blocked on Twitter by the leader of the free world for this candor? “Euphoric,” she asserts.

The oven timer goes ding and Teigen cheers, “Banana bread, baby!” On a nearby counter is her cookbook, Cravings, and she reveals she’s busy with volume two. The hardest part about writing a cookbook, she concedes, is the actual writing of it. Luckily, Legend is an excellent taste tester (and makes a great fried chicken), and the domestic goddess offers a kitchen hack: “having your mom live with you—that helps!”

As she makes her way into her millennial-minimal living room, cuddly pup Pablo in tow, she doles out fashion advice. Her number one rule for a night on the town? “Show a little bit of skin.” She anoints Kate Moss as her personal style icon; cites the romantic ruby-color Marchesa gown she wore to last year’s Oscars as her best outfit ever; and recalls her biggest fashion faux pas: “fake bangs.” The best piece of advice she’s ever received: “to grow out your brows.”

Her most memorable Halloween costume was last year’s look as a stiffly hair-sprayed and tutu-ed Toddlers & Tiaras contestant. What will she and her daughter be this year? “It’s a secret,” Teigen hushes before Luna toddles into view, a pumpkin bucket filled with Halloween treats in hand. “Can Luna give me a piece of candy?” cameraman Joe Sabia asks. With a little help from her mom, Luna proffers a Snickers bar. And like taking candy from a baby, Sabia completes the last of his 73 questions.

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