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I had the chance to do a interview with Chrissy to celebrate the first birthday of Chrissy Teigen Web. I tried my best to pick 5 questions that Chrissy has never answered before & I’m so excited to share this with you. Enjoy ♥


First off all, how are you Chrissy? Is there anything you’ve planned for today?

I feel really good! Starting to really feel the baby roll around and definitely nesting, as they say. Always in the mood to clean up (and throw things away – I love throwing things away or donating anything gently used!) It’s about 11am here and we’ve already taken Luna to her checkup at the doctor’s. She is starting to really know the elevator up there and the room we go in and she gets super nervous – it’s so sad to see your baby scared! But we take her out for ketchup after – it’s what we call breakfast. She is very ketchup obsessed! She is the best breakfast date because I get to order 2 meals and eat most of them both.

Chrissy posted this cute picture of her & Luna on Instagram a few days ago.

If you think about your fans and followers what’s the first word that comes to your mind?

Loyal! A lot of my fans and supporters have been around for so long and seen so many of my life changes. I love when someone brings up a situation I tweeted about maybe 6 or 7 years ago – it’s cool! I feel like we have all been friends for such a long time. I really do think I have the most amazing fans – you guys make me laugh all the time, you totally get my humor and you always have my back when I’m feeling stressed or down. And you have huge hearts. It’s awesome.

Chrissy with fans at a restaurant in Minneapolis last year (credit: @mschulman72 | IG)

Has there ever been something a fan did for you that still makes you smile, if you want please tell us about it.

All the time! I keep a lot of the things I am sent. I still have a bottle of hot sauce someone made me with a picture of our faces on it. I have drawings people have done of Luna and the pups. I have letters from people who are struggling with IVF who I keep in contact with still. I really love that people feel like they can tell me their stories and feel hope. That is a really wonderful feeling.

Chrissy with fans at last years Beautycon in LA. (credit: gracielightrose | IG)

Besides your cookbooks you also have your own collection with Revolve and your own face palette with Becca Cosmetics. What kind of products would you love to bring out in the future?

I would love to one day open a small bed and breakfast. Everyone asks about opening a restaurant but it is just so, so hard and so complicated and so many fail in their first year – it’s scary! Just because you love to cook doesn’t mean you’d know the ins and outs of owning an entire restaurant. But I love the entire aspect of the hospitality industry. I think maybe a 4-6 room bed and breakfast would be a dream. A small menu of my favorite comfort foods, movie nights and a board game library. Someday! I’d also love to open up an Asian version of Eataly – an amazingly huge market of authentic Asian groceries, sorted by region, with cooking classes, live demos of hand pulled noodles. I can picture it all!

I mean who wouldn’t want to stay at Chrissy’s bed & breakfast?

And last but not least I would love to know your favorite childhood memory. 

A lot of my favorite childhood memories are very small little moments that I think about all the time! Like playing video games upstairs at my cousin’s house in Longview, Washington. I was obsessed with playing Aladdin (I bought an old console just to play the original and reminisce!). Long road trips with my mom, dad, and sister, listing to The Eagles and The Beegees. I was such an anxious child, always nervous we were lost! We would stay at motels and I had this obsession with boobie trapping. Booby? I would put soap on the doorknobs and jelly on the floor to make them slippery for intruders, put tiny hairs on drawers to make sure no one was opening them and stealing in the night. I’d make sure the hairs were exactly in the same spot in the morning. Yeah I was super weird.

Chrissy with her mom Pepper, Luna, her sister Tina and niece Pasha back in 2016.

Thank you for all your love and support and happy 1st birthday!!! xx


Thank you to Chrissy and her team for making this possible. 

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