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Chrissy was guest on Buzzfeed News’ AM to DM Show. She discussed having fun in life, Twitter, who bit Beyoncé, Snapchat, working with Pampers Pure and her love of cooking. She also played a game of “Did You Tweet That?”

And here are a couple of things that Chrissy said during the interview:

On having fun
“I am so lucky to be able to do really fun, exciting things that are different every single day…It’s a fun time in life and I’m lucky that I have very good pregnancies and I have the energy for it.” (start time: 0:30)

On Twitter
“I read everything. I read too much…I even click the show more comments which is really risky.” (start time: 0:45)

“I always know when I’m not going to have a fun day. I know if I said something that’s going to bring in a new kind of creature.” (start time: 2:10)

On who bit Beyoncé
“Nobody’s lying and I’m not saying anything because I love everybody in the story…Who among us hasn’t done something silly with a glass of wine…That would honestly be one of the better things that I did.” (start time: 2:47)

“I think I follow a lot the right people…I’ve always kind of maintained relationships with journalists…I figured it out within five minutes, but my first guesses were wrong. Totally wrong.” (start time: 3:48)

On Snapchat
“I never wanted people to boycott them…I’ve always thought that if you don’t agree with their point of view…I don’t really call for boycotts. I just say listen I’m not going to put money into that business.” (start time: 4:22)

“I got so many messages every day of people not being able to see my feed and they didn’t feel like we were connected anymore. One thing that’s really important to me is that fans feel like we’re friends…I love the social aspect of social media. I felt like I became separated into this special feed.” (start time: 5:28)

On Pampers Pure
“I’m so happy to be the first creative consultant for Pampers Pure. I’ve done so many different odd jobs…Being able to be a creative consultant…And to see the things that Luna love and to be able to our own little family touches onto these diapers is so cool.” (start time: 7:13)

On cooking
“I don’t even know if I love eating as much as I love cooking…I love feeding other people.” (start time: 9:42)

credit: BuzzFeed News’ AM to DM

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