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Chrissy Teigen is going from the courtroom in Chrissy’s Court to sweet confectionsQuibi has set a new series titledEye Candybased on the hit Japanese game show Sokkuri Sweets produced by Nippon TV. Eye Candy will be produced by Main Event Media, an All3Media America company, and executive produced by Teigen via her Suit & Thai Productions.

The series is centered around teams of celebrities and civilians who will attempt to identify outrageous edible creations designed to look like everyday ordinary objects. The timing of the new series couldn’t be any better as viral videos of cakes disguised everyday items have been circulating around the internet as of late.

“I’ve been fascinated by all the mind-blowing cake videos seen around the world and I’m thrilled to be a part of introducing Eye Candy to many others,” said Teigen. “Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any feelings of confusion, betrayal or cravings that may ensue from watching this program.”

“When we first viewed the original Japanese series the closest reference that came to mind was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” said Jimmy Fox, President of Main Event Media. “Literally anything that appears on set could be made of chocolate or an undercover cake creation. The culinary artistry on display in the show is incredible and at the same time utterly ridiculous in all the right ways.”

“Congratulations to Chrissy, Jimmy and Quibi for finding our signature dish/format amidst the myriad of delicious plates/shows in the world! Sokkuri Sweets airs each New Year’s Day on our Nippon TV Network all throughout Japan to stellar ratings,” said Atsushi Sogo, President of International Business Development, Nippon TV. “Families watch the hottest and trendiest celebrities of the moment bite into a doorknob, a plant, or even a shoe, to find out if it was eye candy or an actual object!”

Sogo continues, “The pastry chef creates objects that are impossible to detect if it’s real or a sweet confection; the suspense is immense, and the result is so satisfying. I am very confident that Quibi audiences will be glued to the screen to find out for themselves and look forward to many mouth-watering episodes.”

The news of Eye Candy comes after the aforementioned Chrissy’s Court, which is also on Quibi, was renewed for a second season. Teigen presides as judge of the courtroom show which is also produced by Suit & Thai Productions.

The Japanese format was originally unveiled by Nippon TV, as an offering at MIPTV 2019 and the deal was finalized between Nippon TV and All3Media America for the format to stream in America under the new name Eye Candy on Quibi.

The series is executive produced by Jimmy Fox, Linda Lea, Soichiro Shimada and Tom Miyauchi (Nippon TV), Chrissy Teigen, and Luke Dillon (3 Arts Entertainment), co-executive produced by Stephanie Valentin and Amy Stamford, and produced by Main Event Media (United Shades of America, Top Elf) and All3Media America, Suit & Thai Productions (Chrissy’s Court) and Good Egg Entertainment (Chopped, Dishmantled).


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