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The singer teamed up with wife Chrissy Teigen to collaborate on an IPSY Icon Box full of his Loved01 skincare products

John Legend has no plans to slow down this summer.

Despite announcing in May that he’ll be taking a break from coaching the next season of The Voice, the EGOT winner, 45, currently has his hands full performing on his An Evening with John Legend tour running through October, working on his upcoming new album and writing the music for a Broadway adaption of the 1933 Fannie Hurst novel Imitation of Life.

“There’s always something going on,” he says with a smile during a catch-up with PEOPLE at his home studio.

He’s also busy with his unisex skincare line, Loved01, which he and his wife Chrissy Teigen incorporated into their new collaboration with IPSY on their Icon Box.

“People can pick all kinds of products for their IPSY box, and Loved01 offers a really amazing range of products,” he says. “Loved01 is all around our house. We all legitimately use it all the time.”

Legend says his daily skincare routine includes Loved01’s moisturizer, the face and body wash and the face and body oil. He also uses the exfoliating cleanser every few days and would use the cleansing wipes after a day of taping The Voice.

As for Teigen, 38, Legend says she loves the exfoliating cleanser and the shave cream.

“We always use each other’s products, and I feel like she was always a little bit ahead of me when it came to knowing the cool products to get and what to use to take care of your skin and your body in the right way,” Legend says. “So I’ve always been watching her, sometimes stealing her products. I feel like all that learning has gone into us forming Loved01 too.”

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