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And SURPRISE – not only is Chrissy featured in the legends part. She also got her very own SI Swim shoot and to top it all – SHE IS ON THE COVER!!! Yes you heard right. After ten years Chrissy is on the cover of SI Swimsuit again – but this time it’s her first SOLO cover!!

The brand legend first posed for the magazine in 2010, when her photo shoot in the Maldives earned her Rookie of the Year honors. Teigen landed the cover of the 50th anniversary issue in 2014, and by securing the coveted front page spot once again with her feature in the ’24 SI Swimsuit magazine, she’s now posed for the brand nine different years. 


Same as the Legends shoot, these photos were taken by Chrissy’s friend and SI Swimsuit photographer Yu Tsai. He also shot Chrissy’s SI Swim shoot in 2015! And congratulations to Alana Van Deraa, Kristine Studden and Irinel DeLeon for landing such a big cover. Make sure to check out all of the images down below in the gallery.


 May 14th 2024    gallery update news photoshoots SI Swimsuit     With 0 Comments

Chrissy is part of the 60th Anniversary issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, ten years after she was featured on the cover of the 50th Anniversary issue. She is featured among other legendary SI Swimsuit models like Kate Upton, Tyra Banks, Nina Agdal or Lily Aldridge, just to name a few. The pictures of Chrissy were shot by her friend and longtime SI Swimsuit photographer Yu Tsai. Make sure to check out the photos in the gallery ♥


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Chrissy and John are launching their pet food brand KISMET today!

Check out the People interview down below and make sure to check out


Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Are Launching a Pet Food Brand: ‘This Is So Core to Who We Are’ (Exclusive)

The couple describes the “love and chaos” of living with four dogs and their first joint business venture in an interview with PEOPLE

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are celebrating their love for their furry friends with their first joint business venture: a pet food brand called Kismet.

The couple tells PEOPLE the project is a natural fit since dogs have been part of their lives for as long as they’ve been together.

“We’ve been pet parents for so long, and this is so core to who we are, and to the way our house is, and just who we are as people that we felt like, ‘Let’s do this one together,'” Legend, 45, says.

The pair’s first pooch together, an English bulldog named Puddy, joined the family as a half-birthday present for Teigen shortly after they began dating in 2008.

“That was our first experience parenting together,” the “All of Me” singer recalls. “And of course, we love dogs, we love food, we love the culture and community around dogs and being a pet parent. And we thought, why not? Let’s create our own dog food and create a brand that celebrates dog culture and community and connects pet parents around the country.”

They chose the name Kismet for the brand to evoke the “connection” animal lovers have with their pets.

“That ‘Oh, I’m so glad we found each other, and we were made for each other’ feeling, and we feel like a lot of pets, and their parents feel that way about each other,” Legend explains.