International Women’s Day Conversation // March 8th 2021


Today is finally the day, the Cravings Shop is ONLINE!

Whether you’re looking for a robe for lounging, a skillet for frying eggs, or spices for making every meal better, we’ve got you.




Cravings x Chex Game Day Recipe Kit

Chrissy is teaming up with Chex on a special Game Day Recipe Kit.

The box includes following items:

  • 1 box Corn Chex™ Cereal
  • 1 box Wheat Chex™ Cereal
  • 1 box Annie’s™ White Cheddar Squares
  • 1 can Planter’s® Mixed Nuts
  • 1 bottle Cholula® Hot Sauce
  • 1 snack size bag Dot’s® Pretzels
  • 1 Chrissy on a stick—Touchdown! (or fumbleee…)
  • 1 Cravings Wooden Spoon trio set
  • 1 foam finger
  • 1 flick football game (box turns into field & goal post included)

You can buy the box here for $49.99!

Cravings Shop Launch on February 8th 2021!

Chrissy was live yesterday on her Instagram. While cooking turkey bolognese she dropped the news of Cravings Seasoning, which will be available soon in the Cravings shop.

Garlicky Herb & Tomato Basil

Later that day she posted a video on her Instagram Stories sharing the launch date of the new shop.
February 8th 2021!


Chrissy brings out Orchard Jams with Flamingo Estate

Chrissy created 3 unique jams together with Flamingo Estate. But the best is that 100% of the purchase price will be donated the Baby2Baby charity, an organization providing essential goods to children in need. Here’s what they said on their website:

Our friend Chrissy Teigen first came to the house earlier this year in a hurricane of joy and excitement. Not long after, she baked me a birthday cake, and sang me happy birthday – which was one of the most generous and kind things anyone had done for me. We discussed our love of food and somehow got talking about making a holiday jam. After trying lots of variations, it’s here!

1. Thai Chili, Roasted Peanut, Lemongrass
2. Heirloom Tomato, Thai Chili, Thai Basil
3. White Peach, Passion Fruit, Lemongrass

The december harvest is already sold out! But you can pre-order the January harvest here for $36 for all 3 jams.


Chex Teams Up with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

While this holiday season is sure to be anything but traditional, Chex cereal has unveiled new recipes that will bring some extra cheer to 2020.

Chex has teamed up with power couple, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend to deliver some serious cooking inspiration. Teigen and Legend have combined their sweet and spicy personalities with Chex to deliver recipes that put a new twist on this year’s holiday celebrations, including:

  • Legendary Muddy Buddies: this deliciously sweet spin on classic Muddy Buddies™ was created by Teigen and Legend with double the chocolate and peanut butter flavors for a truly legendary holiday snack mix.
  • Sugar and Spice Chex Holiday Mix: seasoned Chex cereal, pretzels and peanuts are combined with vanilla coated Chex and marshmallows for a salty sweet treat with a kick.

As a part of the holiday campaign, Teigen and Legend will be featured on specially marked Chex cereal boxes, as well as videos on where Teigen and Legend show how to make the Legendary Muddy Buddies recipes in two minutes or less as well as one with Legend on bended knee sharing a very special holiday gift with Teigen.



Important Information

Hello, it took me some days to find words for what happened two weeks ago. Chrissy and John sadly had a stillbirth/miscariage. Chrissy is such a strong woman to share this traumatic experience and I saw so many women  talking about their stories now and it makes my heart happy that even in this horrible time she was able to help others. John performed ‘Never Break’ at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards and it broke my heart again. It was more than just emotional. See the performance down below in case you’ve missed it.

I won’t be posting any new paparazzi pictures until Chrissy fully returns to social media. 

Chrissy accidentally reveals the gender of baby Stephens

Chrissy accidentally reavealed the gender of baby Stephens. She posted this video on her Instagram Stories while explaining why she is on bedrest. And instead of redoing that part she posted it with the caption “hahahaha might as well tell you”. Watch the video to find out the gender 🙂

Chrissy and John are expecting BABY NUMBER 3!

Chrissy and John announced that they are expecting baby number 3! In a very cute way if you wanna ask me ^.^ At the end of John’s new video they did a tiny little announcement.

And a few hours later Chrissy posted this video on her Instagram Stories. I’m so happy for them & can’t wait for baby legend 3! ♥

John Legend – Wild (feat. Gary Clark Jr.) (Official Video)