Out & about in London, England // June 28th 2022

Chrissy was seen out & about in London, England on tuesday , June 28th 2022.


Late Late Show with James Corden // June 15th 2022

Out & about in NYC // May 29th 2022

Chrissy & her family were seen out & about in NYC on sunday, May 29th 2022.


Out & about in London, England // May 25th 2022

Chrissy was seen out & about in London, England on wednesday , May 25th 2022.


Chrissy’s Court is BACK!

Chrissy’s Court is back in session for season 2 on The Roku Channel

Hi Streamers! The verdict is in, and since you loved season one of Chrissy’s Court, we’re thrilled to announce that season two of the hilarious series is back in session, streaming exclusively on The Roku Channel on June 17. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free? 

In the 10-episode series, Chrissy Teigen and her mother Pepper Thai reign supreme as the Judge and Bailiff in the courtroom. The plaintiffs, defendants, and disputes are real – with Chrissy’s decisions over these small claims cases final and binding. Any objections?

In case you missed it, we recently shared that Chrissy’s Court will also be back for a third season. We’ll have more to share on that at a later date. Order in the court!

While you wait for season two, be sure to catch up on season one available for free on The Roku Channel.

Happy Streaming!

source: roku.com