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Chrissy is the cover star of Elle UK’s January 2019 issue. I’ve uploaded the images, shot by the amazing Gilles Bensimon, to the gallery & don’t forget to check out Chrissy’s interview down below 🙂 




Whether she’s calling out President Trump, busting beauty taboos or generally being hilarious, Chrissy Teigen might just be the best thing about the internet. And IRL, she’s every bit as fabulous.

No ‘set life’. No humblebrags. Post only ‘the silly and the random’. But, most importantly, don’t ever let the grid get you down. ‘You should never feel like you’re missing out,’ she says. ‘There’s so much more than these fake-ass Instagram people.’

It’s lunchtime in Los Angeles, and Chrissy – aka @chrissyteigen, the internet’s funniest (and frankest) person – and I are sitting in the sunny garden restaurant of the Hotel Bel-Air. It’s her choice – she once lived at the hotel for two months while her home was being renovated, so the waitress knows her well – and we’re drinking vodka sodas because, as Chrissy puts it, ‘It’s nearly Friday, right?’ (It’s Tuesday.)

On the agenda: the pros and cons of a life lived out on social media. Faced with too much Insta-perfection, she argues, ‘People get FOMO, or they feel bad about their bodies, and I get it. If I feel bad seeing certain things, what about that girl who has no connection to this industry? It makes me sad, because that’s not really how it is.’

So Chrissy speaks truth to online fakery, posting pictures of her stretch marks, say, alongside the comment ‘whatevs’, while making us laugh out loud with her hilarious take on everything from politics to parenting.

Like the time she spoke for all of us in response to Kanye West’s political Twitter posts back in April, when she tweeted: ‘kanyeeeeeeeeeeeeee iljeflaejsf’pifgaiw’rgjwregfreogjwrpogjjr’. Or the moment someone tried to shame her for going to dinner ten days after her daughter was born, asking, ‘How’s baby Luna?’ She replied: ‘I dunno I can’t find her’.

Or when, after Donald Trump tweeted that it was time to ‘keep “evil” out of our country’, she replied, ‘What time should we call your Uber?’ The President – not known for his thick skin – later blocked her after she tweeted ‘Lolllllll no one likes you’ at him. ‘I would have blocked me, too,’ she laughs. ‘I was doing this way before he was President. I just despise him. It’s like he’s on the wrong side of every issue. That takes talent. Even a broken clock is right twice, yes?’

This is why people love her. More than 30 million people, at the last count: 21 million on Instagram and almost 11 million on Twitter. Yes, at 33 she is also a successful model and TV host (of American show Lip Sync Battle), not to mention, along with singer John Legend, one half of Hollywood’s most likeable couple. But it’s her online feeds that have won her a place in our hearts. She’s funny, outspoken and painfully honest. And, most of all, she’s real. She makes social media a better place to be – and that relationship runs both ways.

The internet, says Chrissy, has changed her life. ‘Guys have always come up to me since I did Sports Illustrated,’ she says. ‘But now, they all say the same thing: “My girlfriend loves you.” And I couldn’t be happier.’

Read the full interview here

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