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Thanks to unfiltered pictures, caustic captions and 280 witty characters, CHRISSY TEIGEN has become the woman that everyone wants to befriend. CHRISTINE LENNON discovers that whether it’s postpartum depression, her “unglamorous” modeling career or wanting people to like her, no subject matter is out of bounds for the queen of social media

As one of the most outrageous and entertaining voices in modern American culture, Chrissy Teigen has built a mini empire out of honesty, surprising vulnerability and some of the best jokes ever typed with thumbs. And she’s done it (almost) all in a sheet mask, wrapped in a towel, from the comfort of her sofa. “People think I am so wild, but I never leave the house,” Teigen says, erupting into her famous head-thrown-back laugh. “I’m very much an introvert. This is my happy place.”

You can see why. A five-bedroom contemporary in Beverly Hills that Rihanna once owned, the home Teigen shares with her husband, recording artist John Legend, and their two kids (Luna, three, and Miles, one) is situated at the end of a winding road with views across Los Angeles. Inside, it’s a hive of domestic activity. “Do you have farts from the garlic?” Chrissy calls to Miles, who is speeding around in a baby walker, avoiding a nap. Luna returns from preschool, wearing a pink tutu and carrying a Godzilla toy, and Teigen shouts “Toons!” to greet her. Teigen’s mother, nicknamed Pepper (real name Vilailuck), who also lives here, wanders through wearing Yeezy slides.

Teigen herself is curled at the end of a velvet sectional in her living room, wearing a Caravana jumpsuit and Chloé cardigan, her hair up in braids. Paul Barbosa, a chef who collaborates with Teigen on her Cravings cookbooks and upcoming website of the same name, walks in from the kitchen to fill two glasses of rosé. This is mission control for Teigen’s team; here, she’ll take meetings (to discuss new recipes, or her homeware collaboration with Target), play with her kids, film content for social media and entertain friends. “We’ve had some ragers in here,” she admits. “Don’t worry about spilling anything. It’s all been done before.”

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